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Coding and Cashing In on Your Hobby with Nicole Dominguez

POSTED 04/02/2015
By Ander Frischer

“If you can learn how to find what you need, then your job becomes that much easier.”

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Just because you’ve earned the title Senior Product Developer doesn’t mean you fall into the typical senior age bracket. In fact, it’s entirely possible that as Senior level employee, you could be the youngest of all your colleagues.

Nicole Dominguez is a 20-year-old entirely self taught Senior Product Developer. She discovered she loved to code as a 13-year-old playing with neopets and was working as a freelance professional in high school. Nicole now lives and works for Sawhorse Media in New York City.

In this episode, Nicole discusses

  • How she was noticed by the New York Times
  • Turning a hobby into a career
  • Working as the youngest senior employee of a company
  • Why learning to code is not as hard as you think
  • How Reddit can be used as a career tool
  • The power of meetups and using them to find your dream job

Action Item

Find and attend a meetup relevant to your industry. Make sure to introduce yourself to people while you are there.


Nicole’s Website
Nicole’s Twitter
Sawhorse Media – Nicole’s Current Company

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