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Microlearning: Solving Employees’ Shrinking Attention Spans

POSTED 10/21/2015
By Lee Bob Black

Being too busy to train employees is the moral equivalent of being too hungry to eat.
— Ben Horowitz

During a Chief Learning Officer (CLO) webinar SkilledUp recently attended, Alex Khurgin emphasized the importance of emotion in learning. We have to get learners emotionally invested in content, he said. One of his slides stated, “Affective Before Effective.” Another slide expanded on this point, “Affective learning makes an emotional connection with learners’ feelings and attitudes. Once this connection is made, learning becomes more effective.”

Khurgin is the director of learning at Grovo, a company that does much more than just “chunk” content into smaller pieces. During the webinar, he supported his company’s commitment to microlearning with findings by two of the “big four” professional services firms. Fully 59% of millennials say the presence of state-of-the-art training is important in deciding if they want to take a job (PwC report.) Also, in five years, millennials will constitute 46% of the workforce (Deloitte survey).
Even though millennials are only directly mentioned once in the following Grovo infographic, released this week, it’s clear that they’re a catalyst for microlearning’s upsurge. Microlearning, defined in a Grovo white paper as “the process of learning through short, digestible, well-planned units,” is opening up new possibilities for corporate training solutions.

Why Microlearing is the Training Solution by Grovo

Interested in bite-sized corporate learning? Check out Grovo, Mind Gym, and Coursmos.

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