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HR Magazine Apps Every Executive Should Download

POSTED 12/09/2015
By Lee Bob Black

While researching every human resource magazine app that we could find to write this article, SkilledUp found a wealth of HR expertise just a download away. We also found three striking themes:

Many HR magazine apps claim to be the best — It’s common to find the description sections of these apps filled with inflated assertions and vague benefits. For instance, several apps claim to be the digitized version of the world’s leading HR magazine. Also, they’re commonly “packed with features” that are actually quite standard, such as the ability to “search archives of past issues.” A few even say they’re designed for “on the go” HR professionals.

Some are hard to distinguish — For example, in our list there are two apps called “HR Magazine.” There’s also a “Human Resource Executive Magazine” and a “Human Resources Director Magazine.”

Some aren’t really “free” — While all of the apps in this article are free to install, several don’t have any free content. You have to buy an issue or a subscription to read anything. This doesn’t mean they’re not worth checking out. Curiously, none of these apps say upfront you can only read if you pay.

If you’re up for a good HR read, and you enjoy reading on a mobile device, here’s our list of the highest rated, most content-rich HR magazine apps available.

Genuinely Free HR Magazine Apps

#1: HR Management Magazine
HR Management Magazine

The HR Management app has hundreds of four- and five-star reviews on Google Play (and much fewer three-star and lower reviews). This app keeps you up to date on:

  • HR management and strategy
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Leadership development
  • Training, learning and development
  • HR outsourcing
  • Performance management
  • Pay and benefits
  • Employment law
  • Occupational health

This is one of the few apps in this article that doesn’t have in-app purchases.

Download this app from Google Play (Android) or from Apple/iTunes (iOS).

#2: Human Resource Executive Magazine Human Resources Executive Magazine

Published monthly, the print version of this magazine has over 75,000 subscribers. Written mostly with vice presidents and directors of human resources in mind, it has regular columns about benefits, HR leadership, HR technology, and talent management.

We found the digital version of the Human Resource Executive Magazine easy to navigate and uncluttered with advertising.  With hundreds of articles, the app provides a streamlined experience optimized for reading on a mobile device.

Download this app from Google Play (Android), Amazon Appstore (Android), or Apple/iTunes (iOS). You can also read it online in magazine format.

#3: HR Decisions MagazineHR Decisions Magazine

HR Decisions is a quarterly magazine that chronicles strategic issues challenging HR executives. Recent issues have featured articles about being a great communicator, what to do if employees hate their jobs, HR analytics, and variable pay surveys.

We found this app to be user-friendly and rich in content.

Download this app from Google Play (Android), Amazon Appstore (Android), or Apple/iTunes (iOS). You can also read it online in magazine format.

#4: Workforce Management Magazine
Workforce Magazine

Made by the same developer — MediaTec Publishing —who made the Chief Learning Officer app, the Workforce Management Magazine app brings you the best HR news articles from

This magazine has over 20,000 Twitter followers and over 3,000 Facebook likes, a social media presence that makes it the envy of its competitors. This monthly magazine provides reports and news on training and development, staffing and recruiting, HR technology, and more.

One feature that sets this app apart from the rest? Click on an issue, the app downloads all of the 20-plus articles in that issue, allowing  you to read it offline.

Download this app from Google Play (Android), Amazon Appstore (Android), or Apple/iTunes (iOS).

#5: The HR Director Magazine
HR Director Magazine

This publication comes out with a one or two feature articles per day and has been sharing them online since at least 2005. Perhaps that’s why it has 15,000 Twitter followers.

This app has two sections:

  • The “Welcome” section isn’t really an app — it’s more like a viewer. It  provides a free view of articles on from inside your app. Theo app doesn’t optimize the text and images for mobile viewing, forcing you to repeatedly scroll left and right to read even one paragraph.
  • The “Editions” section is where you can buy issues of the the HR Director Magazine. Digital subscriptions for available on a per year or per issue basis.

Download this app from Google Play (Android) and Apple/iTunes (iOS).

#6: Arabian Society for Human Resource Management MagazineArabian Society for Human Resource Management Magazine

Based in Saudi Arabia, this quarterly magazine brings a much-needed Arab-world focus to the HR industry. Written entirely in English, the Arabian Society for Human Resource Management Magazine has featured articles about identifying potential in new recruits, case studies about McKinsey & Company, and interviews with HR leaders.

However, one problem we found after installing this app is something quite surprising — the text is generally too small to read. To read an article, you have to zoom in and scroll all over the place.

Download this app from Apple/iTunes (iOS) (UK Store only).

HR Magazine Apps: Free to Install, Not Free to Read

#7: HR Magazine (UK)HR Magazine UK

This UK-based magazine is broader in scope than others on our list. For starters, unlike many other magazines that profess to be primarily for senior HR professionals, this one says that it’s also relevant to non-HR professionals.

On the plus side, this app gives you easy access to the wide range of the articles on Recent articles include HR’s role in mergers and acquisitions, addressing cancer in the workplace, and how HR professionals can get promotions.

On the negative side, this app is technically free, yet the vast majority of the content is inaccessible — unless you pay few quid for an issue or a subscription.

Download this app from Google Play (Android), Apple/iTunes (iOS), or Windows App Store.

#8: HR Magazine by the Society for Human Resource Management HR Magazine by Society For Human Resource Management

The HR Magazine is the flagship publication for the Society for Human Resource Management, which has members in over 160 countries. The digital edition provides all of the content in the print edition, and a news feed.

Even though this app is free to install, to read anything of worth on it, you have to purchase a yearly subscription ($35) or an issue ($3). Even the “preview” mode only shows the headings and first sentences of hundreds of articles.

Download this app from Google Play (Android), Amazon Appstore (Android), or Apple/iTunes (iOS).

#9: Human Resources Director Magazine  Human Resources Director Magazine

Key Media produces monthly HR trade publications in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. Its premium product is the Human Resources Director Magazine, which is targeted to chief human resources officers (CHROs) and HR directors. To view articles, you have to purchase an issue or a yearly subscription (prices vary according to region).
There are several different versions of this app, based on region and platform: Australia (Apple/iTunes, iOS), Canada (Apple/iTunes, iOS), and US (Windows).

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