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Corporate Training & Development

Best Practices In Workplace Mentoring Programs

POSTED 04/01/2015 5 minutes

A workplace mentoring program can be a boon to any business. Junior employees are given the opportunity to learn from higher-ups, while senior staff can help mold the future of the company by imparting words of wisdom. According to the “Employee Mentoring Programs Benefits/Risk Assessment and Business Case” white paper from The Millennium Group International, […]

Corporate Training & Development

The Micro-Learning Primer — Small Lessons for Big Results

POSTED 03/30/2015 7 minutes

On-the-job education is more important than it’s ever been and employers are facing an uphill battle. Industries are demanding more nuanced, technical and well-rounded skill sets than ever before, and talent just can’t seem to keep up. Only 7 percent of hiring managers in Devry University’s Job Preparedness Indicator felt that most job-seekers had the […]

Recruiting & Hiring

No Longer Just A ‘Temp’: The Rise Of The Contingent Worker

POSTED 03/27/2015 8 minutes

Are companies following the Netflix model when it comes to talent recruitment? The widely popular Netflix service allows consumers to watch movies and TV anytime they choose, without having to wait for a scheduled time. In the talent recruitment world, the growing contingent workforce phenomenon performs much the same service for companies. Organizations can employ […]

Recruiting & Hiring

I Need A Tech Hero — How To Find And Hire Cyber Security Professionals

POSTED 03/23/2015 4 minutes

With President Obama begging for billions of bucks and loftier legislation for cyber security, as well as major American movie studios being hacked from the inside, there is a need for techies to save the day. The only problem is they don’t exist, at least in the quantity that business needs them. “It is estimated […]

Corporate Training & Development

All Work and Some Play: A Guide To Gamification In Workplace Training

POSTED 03/19/2015 9 minutes

This is the first in a four-part series looking at the use of gamification in the workplace.  Gamification has been in the spotlight for a few years now, more than long enough for the public’s love affair with the gaming elements of points, badges and leaderboards to curdle. But while gamification is falling in mainstream […]

Recruiting & Hiring

Danger Ahead! Avoiding Recruiting & Hiring Pitfalls

POSTED 03/16/2015 10 minutes

As the economy continues to bounce back, recruiters may find themselves no longer in the driver’s seat — candidates are beginning to hold more power in today’s job market.  According to Linda Willey, director of human resources at Nextran and president of SHRM Jacksonville, “Employers are in competition for those choice employees.” To gauge what […]

Recruiting & Hiring

Using Big Data To Close The STEM Gender Gap

POSTED 03/13/2015 6 minutes

When it comes to recruiting in STEM fields, “what school an applicant went to” is often shorthand for “we want to hire a certain kind of employee.” Take the tech company that hires only Ivy Leaguers. According to Sheeroy Desai, CEO and co-founder of Gild, the hiring philosophy at some leading STEM companies is “if […]

Higher Education

The College Completion Scandal Is The Key To Closing The Skills Gap

POSTED 03/09/2015 5 minutes

If you pay taxes in the U.S., you invest a lot every year subsidizing higher education. Thirteen percent of the tax bill in the average state goes to state university systems, and the average federal tax filer chips in $146 toward federal financial aid resources. And if you are a parent or care for young […]

Recruiting & Hiring

Looking For Female STEM Employees? Consider Those On Career Break

POSTED 03/06/2015 4 minutes

When STEM companies decide to hire more women, they often look to those who are beginning their careers. There is, however, a wealth of experienced female STEM that’s not being mined — women who have left work to take a career break. STEM employees, as all other workers, leave jobs for a number of reasons […]

Edtech & Elearning

The Net Neutrality Debate: What Does It Mean For Edtech?

POSTED 03/02/2015 4 minutes

Between the fighting words coming from Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the news headlines, it’s hard to truly wrap your mind around what net neutrality is. You can add to that conversation the statements put out by Internet service providers that they should be able to provide “prioritized access” to their subscribers […]

Recruiting & Hiring

How To Tackle The Data Scientist Skills Gap For Your Company

POSTED 02/27/2015 6 minutes

Right now, big data is what’s big in business. Experts estimate the amount of data some companies hold could be worth as much as $8 trillion, according to a Wall Street Journal report, while a study conducted by tech research firm IDC at the end of 2013 predicted the big data market would hit $16.1 […]

Corporate Training & Development

Wage Stagnation Continues And Other Workforce Innovation News, 2/25

POSTED 02/25/2015 4 minutes

  2014 marked the 35th consecutive year of wage stagnation as reported in the Economic Policy Institute‘s Raising America’s Pay. The report points out that in this lengthy window of time GDP has grown by nearly 150 percent, while net productivity has risen 64 percent. In spite of these factors, the average U.S. worker has seen his/her […]