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Recruiting & Hiring

How Astonishingly Low College Completion Rates Are Hurting The Economy

POSTED 11/21/2014 11 minutes

Every year, after a lot of struggle and anxiety to get its young people prepared for college, admitted and funded, the U.S. deposits about 20 million students at the campus gates (counting online programs and adult students). Over 2 million of those ar

Corporate Training & Development

A Growing Gap In Middle Skills And More Workforce Innovation News: 11/19

POSTED 11/19/2014 4 minutes

“Middle skills” is the new buzzword in the workforce development world, and we have our own feature report coming on the subject in a couple weeks. The basic idea is that, while most attention is on the growing skills gap in highly specialized jobs lik

Recruiting & Hiring

Using Employee Referral Software Effectively: Who Do Your Employees Know?

POSTED 11/17/2014 8 minutes

Whether in good economic times or bad, companies are always on the lookout for new employees. In today’s highly digitized world, HR managers can post open positions on Internet job boards and watch as thousands of applications roll in. Yet with that co

Corporate Training & Development

Misalignment In Talent Management And More Workforce Innovation News: 11/12

POSTED 11/12/2014 4 minutes

It’s probably just a chance bubble, but last week we noticed a very large number of surveys about disconnects related to employee engagement, development and learning. Some of these surveys, produced by vendors with a solution to promote, should be tak

Corporate Training & Development

SkilledUp Is Taking Off — More Courses, Better Search, User Reviews And More

POSTED 11/11/2014 1 minute

Today we announce the launch of our new website with tons of new features to help users navigate the world of alternative education and propel their career advancement. We hope you’ll take a look around the site and let us know what you think. By findi

Corporate Training & Development

Breathing New Life Into Lifelong Learning

POSTED 11/09/2014 7 minutes

As today’s college graduates make their way into the workforce, many will quickly come to the realization that their four or more years of education did not teach them everything they need to know.* That is because academic content and textbooks cannot

Edtech & Elearning

Peak Education And More Workforce Innovation News: 10/29

POSTED 10/29/2014 5 minutes

Futurist Bryan Alexander uses the term peak education to characterize the confluence of declining higher ed enrollments, declining public support of the cost, increased construction and increased tuition. In his trends reports, he tracks universities&#

Corporate Training & Development

Alternative Credentials And More Workforce Innovation News

POSTED 10/22/2014 4 minutes

My favorite deep read of the week is from Mary Alice McCarthy, Senior Policy Analyst in the Education Policy Program at the New America think tank. Her paper Beyond the Skills Gap: Making Education Work for Students, Employers and Communities  explores

Corporate Training & Development

Weekly News Rundown — Hiring, Training and Elearning

POSTED 10/15/2014 3 minutes

Get ready for a new addition to the jargon and initials we’ll be tracking. Along with PLA (prior learning assessment) and CBE (competency-based education), we’re now paying attention to DQPs or degree qualification profiles. This interestin


Labor Shortages Ahead: 19 Jobs In The Conference Board Report

POSTED 10/10/2014 7 minutes

An important corporate-research organization, The Conference Board, came out with a report a few weeks ago that predicts labor shortages in several fields. The report covers many countries, but the main trend it expects here in the United States is shr

Corporate Training & Development

Weekly News Rundown — Migration to the Online Job Market

POSTED 10/09/2014 4 minutes

Welcome to the SkilledUp news rundown for October 8, our digest of overlooked developments, reports and data in hiring, training and edtech. This week, we have new insights into the trending online job market. We also have updates on: The brewing talen

Higher Education

How Community Colleges & Corporate America Tackle Workforce Training

POSTED 10/06/2014 5 minutes

Recently we have looked in depth at innovative partnerships between universities and business and at the trend for community colleges to offer four-year degrees in response to workforce development and skills gap challenges. Paralleling those activitie