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The Talk Of The Town
The Talk Of The Town

People Love The Results

  • People Love The Results

    “Taking online courses has absolutely helped me get more jobs!”

    When I decided to build my own web design business I searched for a different learning experience than the traditional educational model. That’s where SkilledUp came into play. I was able to take courses that furthered my web design skills, allowing me to charge more for my work. It’s a win, win.


    - Taylor Letterman, Freelance Web Developer

  • There’s Always Something to Learn

    “The opportunity to learn anything you want is uplifting.”

    Online courses have been a great way to pick and choose the things that I want to learn. There is so much available on SkilledUp. They show you more than just one avenue of learning, each with a different style. Now I can get new ideas that help me become a better writer and follow my career dreams. That’s the beauty of taking online courses.


    - Lauren Root, Freelance Writer and Blogger

  • Young Dreamers’ Secret Weapon

    “I learned the framework for starting a new business.”

    The business I want to start in Somalia will have a lot to do with improving farming methods using technology, so I try to focus my studies. Sometimes I need help understanding difficult subjects. That’s when I turn to online courses. They help solidify ideas and give me confidence to return home, start a business and make a difference.


    - Sahnun Mohamud, Student at College of William and Mary