Rethinking Infographics – Data, Design, Delivery & Discretion (33 Minutes)

Infographics can play a major role in SEO, and when designed correctly, can prove to be an entertaining and engaging way to display sometimes complicated data. Join Pete Gall, Director of Brand & Content Strategy at KA+A, Kurtis Beavers, Senior Designer & Illustrator at KA+A, and Sharlene Boodram, Viral Media Coordinator at Slingshot SEO as they shares their experiences with producing and distributing successful infographic campaigns for clients.

What You Will Learn:

      • How and when infographics should be used to visualize data and tell your story
      • Best practices for design
      • How to leverage social media in distributing your infographics

The Lifecycle of Infographic Creation (27 Minutes) 

It’s likely that you’ve seen an infographic online before. Maybe you’ve even shared one with your friends through social media. But have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of an infographic? Muhammad Yasin, Director of Social Media at HCCMIS, and Sharlene Boodram, Viral Media Coordinator at Slingshot SEO, will walk you through the process from concept to completion.

Guide to Infographics – Getting the Most out of Search Media


To get the most out of an infographic, it’s important to take a cohesive approach that includes indepth research, appropriate aesthetics, and strategic placement and promotion. In this guide, you will learn:

      • The value of infographics
      • How to identify the conversation
      • How to develop your infographic
        • What is a mood board?
        • What is a wireframe?
      • How to involve the client
      • How to brand, place and promote your infographic


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