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Empower Your Workforce -- On Your Terms -- With Access Across the e-learning Universe

Put your out-of-date, stale course library where it belongs: in the trash. SkilledUp provides you with the world’s largest e-learning library of online courses that can be seamlessly integrated, empowering your employees needs and career ambitions while saving your business money.

What makes us different?

World’s Largest e-learning Library

With more than 180,000 courses available from nearly 500 providers, your team can access the best e-learning options.

Easy To Customize

Our library allows you to curate and filter courses, making it easy to customize learning experiences. Connecting to our API takes less than 30 days.

Cost-Effective Learning

More than 60% of our courses cost less than $5 an hour, and up to 20% of our providers offer free resources.

Integration Options

Do you want to integrate our course catalog and search engine into your website? We have a number of options to explore:


We code an iframe that plugs into your website. A simple, clean and easy way for your company to integrate our course catalog.


Simple integration to embed our widget into your website. Once complete, your users can browse our entire course catalog and customize it to suit their needs.

Native API Integration

Integrate real-time data and customize it to fit your business needs using our API. This means the data and experience is always up-to-date for seameless leverage.


Click to see examples of API integration from our partners.

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