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Are The New Video Interviewing Tools Right For Your Company?

With technology seeping its way into nearly every possible interaction we have, it was only a matter of time before something as integral to the hiring process as interviews moves online. Video Interviewing platforms (also known as virtual interviewing) offered by companies such as Sparkhire, Interactly and GreenJobInterview are tools

How Much Is Nonprofit Professional Development Moving To Online Education?

Online education has spread throughout the corporate sector as a valuable method of professional development and training: more than 41 percent of global Fortune 500 companies currently use online training and other forms of educational technology to educate employees, and that number is expected to grow. Corporate America is not

Weekly News Rundown — Employment Data Slow And Steady

Welcome to the SkilledUp news rundown for September 10. We have the latest reporting on national employment data from ADP and the BLS. We also found thought-provoking stories on: How university presidents feel their schools are doing on workplace readiness. A funding breakthrough in competency-based education programs. Student attitudes on edtech. Which ed

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