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News rundown – Two More Volleys In The Skills Gap Debate

Welcome to the SkilledUp news rundown for August 27. The skills gap question got volleyed back and forth some more this week. Other interesting material we found covered: Transfer credit problems. Relaxing the student loan default policy. Major cuts in higher ed funding. Citizen developers Several other projects in badges, MOOCs and online

Getting Real In The Real World: The Latest In University-Business Partnerships

Partnerships between universities and corporations are nothing new: IBM has been teaming up with universities since the the early days of computer science education in the 1940’s As the debate over the “skills gap” accelerates, however, collaborations between universities and businesses are becoming more sophisticated and intertwined, evolving to meet

Is Stress At Work Less Than At Home?

Stress at work has been a longtime interest of mine, but now there is research indicating that for most people, being at home is more stressful than being at work. Does this seem counterintuitive to you? One study asked volunteers to collect saliva samples over the course of the day.

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