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Adobe’s Oscars Ad Recaps Photoshop’s Impact on Art and Film

POSTED 02/20/2015
By Vonecia Carswell

You know that feeling you get when you get lost in your favorite action-packed movie?

When the special effects make you feel like you’ve been transported to a different world?

Now imagine it without Adobe Photoshop — that magical ingredient that makes the film industry a success.

Whether you stumble upon Photoshop by simply going about your day or it was forced on you by an employer, it has become the heartbeat of our society.

Los Angeles-based artist and designer Adhemas Batista first came across the imaging software at the age of 17. He was fresh, smart and hungry for work.

“I got a new job back in 1998, and the creative director said, ‘Either you learn Photoshop or we can’t have you,’” he said. “Two days after, he looked over my shoulder and asked me what sorts of tricks I did to come up with an image I created for one of their clients.”

Now his work, which he described as “colorful, imaginative and explosive,” will be featured in Photoshop’s 25th anniversary “Dream On” ad campaign to air Sunday during the 87th Annual Academy Awards. His funky illustration of rock legend Steven Tyler, Aerosmith frontman, will appear alongside images from such major motion pictures as Avatar, Gone Girl, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Shrek.

The Adobe imaging software is the backbone behind many of the goods and services we utilize daily as well as a mandatory step in just about every artist’s creative process, whether for print, film or the Web.

“From desktop publishing, to fashion photography, movie production, website design, mobile app creation and now 3D Printing, Photoshop continues to redefine industries and creative possibilities,” said Shantanu Narayen, Adobe president and chief executive officer.

“And today that Photoshop magic is available to millions of new users, thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud.”

The ability to seamlessly manipulate and bring one’s dreams to reality has very few limits, no matter what career stage one is at.

“I open Photoshop everyday, from the beginning to the end of my process,” Batista said. “Its the only place I feel I have total control of everything.”

Jimmy Williams, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based photographer and director who said he has used every version of Photoshop since its inception, will also be featured in the commercial. In the ad is an image from Williams’ “Dreamscape” series of a little boy floating in a bathtub connected to a hot air balloon.

He said all of his photos have gone through Photoshop in some form, but he said the most important thing is to find one’s own voice.

“The sooner you can find your voice, the more you can evolve into something even more unique, no matter what stage you’re in. There’s no beauty in trying to be like everyone else.”

Photoshop Joins Instagram

As it marks its 25th year, Photoshop created its first Instagram account, under the handle @Photoshop, where it has been highlighting 25 artists under 25 who use the program.

“Knowing that we wanted to focus our 25th milestone on the future of the program, it made sense to debut the work of these young artists on a platform that is growing more quickly with 18-24 year olds than any other social medium,” Lex van den Berghe, senior product manager for digital imaging at Adobe, told SkilledUp.

“The fact that Instagram is relatively free of clutter, allows us to leverage the inspiring visual outputs from talent across the globe.”

Fredy Santiago, a designer and illustrator based in Ventura, California, was the first to be featured. He said his bright-colored and animated work was inspired by Disney cartoons he watched as a child and the scenery in his hometown of San Luis de la Paz in Mexico.

On Instagram, he said he wanted to celebrate the evolution of his work, and he leaves this advice to other young artists: “Always keep a sketchbook with you, write things down and understand that nothing has to be perfect. Always explore and embrace the unknown.”

Those who would like to be considered may upload their projects to Behance and use the tag “Ps25Under25.” In the coming months, those selected will take over the Photoshop Instagram for two weeks to present their work to the world.

Here are a few ways you can brush up your skills and join in on the celebration:

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