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50+ (Mostly) Free Excel Add-Ins For Any Task

POSTED 05/15/2013
By Brad Zomick

There is no doubt about it – Excel is one powerful tool. However, it does have its limitations. That is where add-ins come in to play. Microsoft has been kind enough to open its code base and allow third party developers to extend the functionality of Excel. These add-ins make data analysis and manipulation easier and have practical applications in the business world. Below you find a list of 50 useful paid and (mostly) free Excel add-ins that will help you with just about any endeavor you have.


Data Analysis

  1. One of the classic add-ins for Excel is the Analysis Toolpak which does not come installed. (Mac installation instructions). Mac/PC, Multiple Editions.
  2. The Excel Solver tool is another classic tool that requires extra unpacking (Mac directions). Mac/PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. The PowerPivot turns excel into a business intelligence tool. PC, 2010/13.
  4. Data Explorer is the newest data analysis tool and the preview is now available for download. PC, 2013.
  5. There are not a ton of add-ins for Mac but StatPlus for Mac is a must have data analysis too. Mac 2008/11.


    Pivot table power!

  1. Get Federal Reserve data with the FRED add-in. PC/Mac, Multiple Editions.
  2. Need more data? Get US Crime Stats from PC, 2013.
  3. SimTools and FormList add stats functions and procedures to perform Monte Carlo simulations and risk analysis. PC, Version 5 (old!) and later.
  4. Need to make some forecasts? This Data Forecasting add-in can use several forcasting methods including moving average, exponential smoothing, regression and double exponential smoothing and comes with a template to experiment with. PC, 2003.
  5. Need to generate some random numbers? Then check out this Random Number Generator. PC, 2013.

Need data? Get free U.S. crime stats from within Excel with this handy DATA.GOV add-in.


  1. Get visual with maps with the new Heat Map add-in. PC 2013.
  2. Draw diagrams and flowcharts fast and easy with Lucid ChartsPC 2013.
  3. Spice up your measure of progress with a gauge displayPC 2013.
  4. Looking to get creative with the way you report your data? Try this Radial Bar ChartPC 2013.
  5. Show your data in a fun and interactive way with this Bubbles display add-in. PC 2013.

    Bring your data to life with the Bubbles add-in.

    Bring your data to life with the Bubbles add-in.

  1. Bring structure to your ideas with the click of a button with the Mind Mapper addin ($2.99). PC 2013.
  2. GeoFlow is the newest addition to Microsoft Excel and adds complex data visualization to Excel. It’s not available yet but check out this previewPC 2013.
  3. Label chart data points with the XY Chart Labler. Mac/PC, Multiple Editions.

Do advanced data visualization with the soon to be launched GeoFlow add-in


  1. Risk optimize your investments with this equity optimization add-in (comes with demo template). PC, Multiple Editions.
  2. Download quotes and technical analysis metrics with AnalyzerXL (Starts at $49.95, free versions available for TDAmeritrade and customers). PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. Evaluate risk for investments for business projects with this Risk Analyzer ($49.95). PC, 2003.

Test Your Excel Skills

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  1. The Excel Model Creator adds a wizard to Excel that will allow you to make models for almost any business situation including sales, financial statements, and asset modeling. PC, 2013.
  2. Determine the best long term project with this Capital Budgeting add-in (comes with demo template). PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. Manage projects, budgets, and collaborate with Mavenlink, the ultimate project management add-in. PC, 2013.
  4. Track, analyze, and make re-ordering easy with the Inventory Analysis add-in. (comes with demo template). PC, Multiple Editions.

    Create financial statements in no time with the Excel Model Creator.

    Create financial statements in no time with the Excel Model Creator.

  1. Show context related tweets in the sidebar of your Excel sheet with ExTweet. PC, 2013.
  2. Visualize, share, and mine Google Analytics add-in with Excellent Analytics. PC, 2007/10.
  3. SEO Gadget has some cool add-ins for the Adwords API, Mozscape API, and Link Categorization. PC, Multiple Editions.
  4. Do you use SEOlytics or Majestic SEO? Then check out Neil Bosma’s SEO Tools for Excel which integrates with those two services as well as Adwords and Google Analytics. PC, Multiple Editions.
  5. Integrate QR codes into all your Excel docs with QR4Office. PC, 2013.
QR4Office addon

Embed QR codes in documents with QR4Office.


  1. Balance your checkbook in Excel with this free Checkbook Assistant, PC, Multiple Editions.
  2. Perform quick loan calculations and analysis with the Loan Assistant ($24.95). PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. Make learning fun and easy with the free Flash Card GeneratorPC, Multiple Editions.


Utilities & Productivity Tools

  1. ASAP Utilities ($49, free trial available) adds over 300 new functions to Excel, enough to fill up its own Ribbon and makes Excel easier to use. PC, Multiple Editions.
  2. AbleBits Utility Pack ($99, free trial available) adds 20+ smart data manipulation tools. A handfull of these features are now free for Excel 2013. PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. Macabus Productivity Tools  ($9.95, freeware version available) adds almost 200 new functions including auditing, formatting, and modeling tools, including 130 new shortcuts. PC, Multiple Editions.
  4. Need to slice, dice, and merge? Mr. Excel’s Easy-XL ($89, free trial available) adds over data analysis and manipulation tools. PC, 2010. 
  5. The DigDB Toolkit a ($78/year) adds 40 advanced data analysis tools to Excel. PC, 2007/10.
  1. Not sure which one to pick? Then try out the free Power Pak from John Walkenbach’s The Spreadsheet Page. PC, Multiple Editions.
  2. Have a Mac? Then try Ron de Bruin’s Power Pack for Mac 2011.
  3. Convert standard measurements to metric with the Unit Converter, PC, 2013.
  4. Quickly convert to any currency with the Exchange Rate Converter ($34.90). PC, 2000 and later.
  5. Enter dates quicker with the Calendar entry add-in. PC 2013. (Mac version available).

Merge cells with ease with AbleBits free add-ins for Excel 2013.


  1. If you are in excel all the time this favorite workbooks bookmarker will help you get back to your most active workbooks quickly. PC, Multiple Editions.
  2. Find, replace, or delete duplicates in massive spreadsheets with this Duplicate Finder ($24.95). PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. BrushTools ($37) adds color to your spreadsheet to help you distinguish between input, formula, linked, and calculation cells. PC, 2007/10.

    BrushTools brings Excel to life

    BrushTools brings Excel to life and helps discern between formula and input cells.

  1. Find the differences between cell blocks with the DiffEnginex”s Select Diff Tool ($1.99). PC, 2010.
  2. Track, analyse, and display time dimensions with a few clicks with the Create Time Dimension add-in. PC, 2013.
  3. Simple and easy emailing from Excel with RDBMail. (Mac version available). 2007 and later editions.
  4. If you made it all the way through this list then this Add-in Manager will you manage all your new add-ins. PC, Multiple Editions.


Advanced Add-In Information

  1. Discern the differences between COM and Automation Add-ins.
  2. Can’t find the add-in you want? Then Build your own add-in.

If you can’t find the add-in you need, why not learn some Visual Basic and make your own?

Excel Just Became Easier!

If you are interested checking out more paid and free Excel add-ins, try the Microsoft App ($), and OzGrids ($). Many data analysis tools and software platforms have their own add-ins such as Tableau, MATLAB, and Bloomberg so if you are working with a similar platform it is possible your provider has an add-in for you. If you love add-ins please share this page with your friends and bookmark our page to come back periodically as we plan to update the list whenever we find new and cool add-ins. If you are looking for Excel tools and resources than consider taking a peek at our Excel mega resource list which includes templates, apps, tutorials, and courses. Best of luck with your new add-ins!

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