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Making Changes and Managing Your Time with Robin DeMarco

POSTED 01/28/2015
By Ander Frischer

“We need to celebrate our successes rather than being so stressed about what we can’t do. And that’s something that is a constant work in progress for me too.”

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Unfortunately, the more successful we become, the busier we get — and with greater achievements comes more responsibility and more stress.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Success does not have to be stressful.

Robin DeMarco is a career coached based in New York City who, according to her website, “helps professionals design a strategy to maximize their personal lives and achieve their career potential.” Prior to coaching, Robin had an impressive sales career at WIRED and graduated from Bucknell University. Robin has also been featured on Fox, Glamour, StyleBistro and Birchbox and contributed to episode 39 of Fearless Careers.

In this episode, Robin discusses:

  • Her own professional journey and how she got interested in coaching
  • Where career related stress comes from and how to mitigate it
  • The right time to jump from one job to another
  • The specific things to look for when starting a new job
  • Avoiding paralysis by analysis and overthinking little things

Action Item

Identify and write down what will move you forward, and what you’re excited about. Anything that’s not on that list can go on the backburner so you can focus on what’s most relevant to what you are doing right now.


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