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The Advantages of Online Courses [Infographic]

POSTED 05/20/2014
By Brad Zomick

Online courses are great for self-motivated individuals who want to learn new skills and advance their careers without dropping their commitment to their job and/or family. Getting education online will also save you tons of money since you’ll avoid having to pony up even a fraction of the 10-30 thousand dollars required on average for a traditional education.1 Although some would argue that online education is only an awesome alternative to traditional education because of the savings and convenience, there are actually many other advantages. Only online education fully integrates itself into today’s educational technology. It is also more efficient for fast and especially motivated learners and offers skills that lack resources in traditional education despite high demand from employers (coding and social media marketing are common examples). One could even claim that it isn’t an alternative at all but rather a different path with its own rewards.

The Advantages of Online Courses Infographic

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Time to Reach for a More Modern and Affordable Education

If you want to hear more stories about how people succeeded with the help of online education, check out our interview with Laurie Pickard who is doing her own version of an MBA for free online! We also talked with Feyman Liang who used the knowledge he gained from MOOCs (a form of online education) in order to boost his skills and gain internships with Microsoft and Google. These people are another example of the advantages of online education. If you want to get started on your journey to learning new skills with more modern technology and less money down the drain, start here to find the right course for you! Good luck and happy learning!

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