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40+ Resources For Advanced Excel & VBA Programming

POSTED 05/08/2013
By Brad Zomick

Fancy yourself an Excel journeyman and think you are ready to learn the more advanced features of Excel? After you get basic spreadsheets down pat, the learning curve in Excel gets steep quick. Advanced data analysis requires the use of PivotTables and Visual Basic. Once you start using the more advanced functionality in Excel you can perform some serious business intelligence analysis and do some very cool things with advanced charting also known as data visualization. However, once the training wheels come off, the video training tutorials suddenly disappear. Most of these sites are strictly reference sites. They don’t look pretty but they have a lot of valuable information and utility add-in downloads. Excel MVP’s that are recognized by Microsoft dominate this list so you can trust the information you find here is top notch and will help you learn advanced Excel and VBA programming. Happy hunting!

**If these Excel resources are too advanced for you than check out our 133 Excel resources for beginners and intermediate Excel users.**

In alphabetical order:

  1. Andrew Engwirda, Excel MVP, runs his site by his own name, Andrew’s Excel Tips, an advanced Excel and Visual Basic wiki, blog, and repository for advanced utility downloads.
  2. Andy Pope is another Excel MVP running a site with his own name (trend developing here) with Visual Basic, advanced charting, and links to newsgroup forums conversations (yes they still exist).
  3. Another Excel MVP, Rob Bovey, runs AppsPro, which has a handful of free Visual Basic utilities.
  4. Clearly and Simply is a blog that showcases advanced data analysis techniques. Case studies come with template downloads and often use real data.
  5. Get into business intelligence analysis with Chris Web’s BI Blog.
Clearly and Simply data analysis

Clearly and Simply is a sight that focuses on advanced data analysis and data visualization.

  1. Data Driven is all about exposing current trends using advanced analytics, dashboard tools, and has some pretty cool looking charts in its blog.
  2. Data Nitro is an add-in that supercharges Excel with Python. Free for personal use.
  3. Daily Dose of Excel, by MVP Dick Kusleika, is the mother of all Excel blogs. It features mostly Visual Basic and Ribbon customization script commentary.
  4. DataPig is a consulting and training company run by MVP, Michael Alexander. He has a few free webinars and a decent blog with alot of information about advanced data analysis and pivot tables.
Daily Dose of Excel website

Daily Dose of Excel is the mother of all advanced Excel sites but its not for the faint of heart and focused mostly on Excel programming.

  1. DigDB ($79/year) is an advanced data analysis and manipulation add-in and has many pivot table related features. PC, 2007,10.
  2. For advanced 3D charting check out Dplot ($195, free trial available). PC, Multiple Editions.
  3. Check out the Discuss Excel Blog, from MVP Ayush Jain, for advanced Excel and Visual Basic commentary. He also runs the Expert Excel Google Group.
  4. Get together with other Excel nerds, geeks, and more importantly experts at Excelapolozza, the Excel User Conference.
  5. For tough questions go to Excel Banter, an advanced Excel forum.
Learn advanced excel and meet other Excel enthusiasts at Excelapalooza, the Excel conference

Learn advanced excel and meet other Excel enthusiasts at Excelapalooza, the Excel conference

  1. Interested in advanced charts and data visualization. Then check out Excel Charts. They also offer a couple of paid courses ($72.25) in creating dashboards.
  2. Using Excel Easy’s comprehensive VBA tutorials, learn about dialog boxes, objects, variables, if-then statements, looping, and more.
  3. Want to know about the new PowerPivot add-in? Check out Excel Dos, Dynamic Does from MVP, Bob Phillips.
  4. Go to the Excel Forum for answers to one off questions.
  5. For information on customizing the Excel Ribbon, check out Excel Guru from MVP Ken Puls.
  6. Excel Hero, from MVP Ed Ferry, has all things advanced Excel, including dashboards, pivot tables, Visual Basic, and even a paid online course ($499).
Excel Hero Academy

Excel Hero Academy is one of the few courses available in advanced Excel techniques.

Test Your Excel Skills

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  1. Lots of Visual Basic case studies and downloads are available at MVP Ashish Koul’s Excel VBA Codes & Macros.
  2. Excel User, from MVP Charley Kyd, has lots of visually stunning dashboards and add-ins with practical business applications ($).
  3. Doing numerical computing in MATLAB? Then check out this MATLAB Builder plug-in for Excel.
  4. Methods In Excel from yet another Excel MVP, Ross Mclean, is a good Visual Basic blog.
  5. NodeXL is a free open source template for exploring network graphs. Sounds simple enough but this for advanced statistics and allows you to create some crazy looking visual graphs.
  6. Looking to master the new PowerPivot? Then check Power Pivot Pro from former Microsoft Employees, Rob Collie and Kasper de Jonge. These guys literally wrote the book on the subject!
Power Pivot website

PowerPivot is the newest addition to Excel and PowerPivot Pro is the premier resource on this must have advanced analysis add-in.

  1. Have more questions about PowerPivots? Check out The Great PowerPivot FAQ.
  2. Excel MVP, John Karel Pieterse, hosts a number of articles on Visual Basic, advanced charting, as well as some advanced utility downloads on his company website.
  3. One Stop Analytics is all about advanced analytics using Excel.
  4. For chatter with other Excel experts check out the OzGrids forum.
  5. Chip Pearson, is an Excel MVP, that has an advanced Excel/Visual Basic wiki and hosts a number of utility add-ins through his company site.
Ozgrid Excel Forum

Just like regular programmers, Excel Programmers also hang out in forums to find answers to their questions.

  1. John Peltier, Excel MVP is an advanced charting expert and has great blog on the subject as well as many charting add-ins on his consulting site.
  2. While the word Excel is conspicuously missing from Perceptual Edge’s website it is a great repository for information on advanced data analysis and graph design.
  3. RExel is the add-in associated with the R Project, an advanced statistical analysis and programming language. PC, Multiple Editions.
  4. MVP Ron de Bruin’s, Excel Automation, hosts a number of Visual Basic tips and utilities. He is also the only resource on this list that does so for Excel for Mac.
R-Project advanced excel add-in

Want to use Excel for statistical computing? Then check out the RExcel add-in.

  1. Smurph on Spreadsheets, is a blog from Excel MVP, Simon Murphy, and has a lot of Visual Basic focused content. He is also active in the UK Excel User Conference.
  2. Treeplan (starts at $59, freeware and trial available) is a statistical analysis and decision tree add-in.
  3. The Spreadsheet Page by MVP John Walkenbach is a mega resource that starts with intermediate excel but goes all the way to Visual Basic.
  4. The Trouble With Data is a blog about business intelligence.
  5. Excel MVP Tushar Mehta hosts Excel and Visual Basic tips and tutorials as well as utility add-ins.
  6. Newton Excel Bach by Doug Jenkins is an excel blog for engineers and scientists. He’s got over 120 downloads that are worth a look!
VBA Express

VBA Express has a ton of information on VBA and advanced Excel.

  1. Two more sites that are all Visual Basic, all the time are Visual Basic Explorer and Visual Basic Users
  2. XLDennis is a blog from Excel MVP Dennis Wallentin that focuses on VSTO and .NET in use in Excel.

Check Back For Updates

We hope you enjoyed this compendium of advanced Excel and VBA programming resources. Please bookmark and check back time to time to see new additions to this list. If you have any good suggestions please feel free to let us know! And if you are looking for some more basic information about Excel check out our Excel beginner and intermediate resource roundup. If you are looking to get a good foundation in Excel basics than you should also check out our Excel mega resource page with over 130 resources to help you learn Excel. Good luck and we hope you excel in Excel!

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