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30+ of the Best Add-ins and Apps for Microsoft PowerPoint

POSTED 09/30/2014
By Joseph Mapue

Professionals across the world often communicate via PowerPoint presentations and they do so at a mind-boggling rate: several hundred times per second!1 Given this frequency, it’s easy to become average or even mediocre at doing your PowerPoint presentations, something that you should never allow to happen. Remember that your PowerPoint skills can either propel or pull down your career. Be lax in building your deck, and you can quickly lose influence among your peers or miss the chance at impressing your boss. Be great at PowerPoint, and you’re on the right track to a successful career or business.

Since its launch in 1990, Microsoft PowerPoint continues to evolve and improve on its already formidable features. But if you want to take your presentation decks even further, here are 30+ of the best PowerPoint add-ins (now called “apps” by Microsoft) which you can use to captivate, persuade or inspire your audiences.

  1. Web Video Player  |  Get all the action into your deck with this add-in that lets you insert videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your presentation slides. This add-in is free and works with PowerPoint 2013.Powerpoint YouTube Video Player
  2. iSpring Pro 7  |   This PowerPoint-to-Flash converter easily reformats your presentation deck into a web-ready flash/html5 video file (.swf), supporting all PowerPoint animations, transitions, triggers, and links. This app costs a whopping $397 but you can download and install the free trial version to decide if it’s worth it.
  3. VisualBee  |   Need to build a compelling PowerPoint deck fast? No problem. VisualBee automatically upgrades draft presentations using its built-in templates, images, graphics and special effects. It’s free with the premium version and works with PowerPoint 2007 and above.Visualbee Powerpoint Enhancer
  4.  Tick Tock Clock  |  Insert date, time, and location in your Office documents with just a single click. Supports PowerPoint 2013 and can be downloaded for free.
  5. Search The Web  |  This clever app allows you to search the web without leaving the presentation deck you’re working on. No more need to switch between your browser and PowerPoint. This free app works with PowerPoint 2013.
  6. Office Timeline  |  Set your presentation apart witzh this award-winning app that lets you create visually compelling timelines in PowerPoint. This topnotch add-in integrates seamlessly into PowerPoint’s ribbon and works with versions 2007 and up.Office Timeline Powerpoint
  7. Mavenlink  |  Working together and keeping track of projects have never been this easy. Share, edit and manage your presentation documents on the go and right out of PowerPoint. This free MS Office app works with PowerPoint 2013.
  8. Project Timeline  |  Insert TimeLine into your PowerPoint slides. It allows you to keep track of tasks and milestones, manage resources, group tasks by category and much more. This add-on works with PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016.
  9. Poll Everywhere  | Poll Everywhere enables you to conduct real time surveys with your audience, gather input from their mobile devices, and render the results instantly as compelling PowerPoint 2013 visualizations. Do all that for free!Poll Everywhere Powerpoint Add-on
  10. Power Mockup  |   Use PowerPoint to create wireframes for a planned website complete with custom buttons, text boxes, tables, menus and other UI elements.  This useful add-in costs $19.95, offers a free trial period, and works with PowerPoint 2007 and above.
  11. Tips for PowerPoint 2013  |  With all the new kickass features introduced in PowerPoint 2013, you would want to get periodic tips on how to further enhance your presentation. This free app provides more than a hundred indexed tutorials that will show you how to optimize PowerPoint 2013’s key functions. Learn for free!Tips For Powerpoint 2013
  12. Notes123  |  This add-in allows you to make notes without leaving your PowerPoint document. Perfect for moments when an important idea suddenly emerges in your mind and you want a constant reminder so you wouldn’t forget it. Comes to you free and works with PowerPoint 2013.
  13. WorkLoadTimer  |  If you need to track how much time you really spend working, this app accurately measures your work duration at the office, at home, or on the go. WorkLoadTimer works with PowerPoint 2013 and you can get it without spending a dime.
  14. Oomfo  |  Enhance PowerPoint’s built-in chart and graph features with Oomfo and give your presentation the impact it needs. Oomfo’s charts are more compelling than the standard fare and include specialized chart styles such as waterfall, Pareto, and pyramid. This free app works on PowerPoint 2003 and later versions (32-bit).Oomfo Powerpoint Pyramid Chart
  15. Lorem Ipsum Generator  |  If you need to fill out a content space or want to see how a mockup slide will look, this app lets you generate placeholder text with just a single click. The Lorem Ipsum Generator add-in is free and works with PowerPoint 2013.
  16. Pro Word Cloud  |   Word clouds make it easy for readers to get a general idea of the concepts you are trying to communicate, and they have become a staple element of blogs and other websites. This app enables you to generate a visually appealing word cloud for your presentations. Pro Word Cloud works with PowerPoint 2013 and won’t cost you a single cent.
  17. PowerTOC  |  Need to create a table of contents or agenda slide real fast? PowerTOC will automatically generate and update a well-formatted summary, agenda or TOC. This app works on PowerPoint 2000 and above and will cost you $29.95.PowerTOC Powerpoint Add-On
  18. PPTools Resize  |  This add-on comes straight from PPTools, a site developed by Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) and PowerPoint thought leader Steve Rindsberg. It converts standard decks (4:3) to the widescreen format (16:9, 16:10) or to any custom size you want. All without distorting any of the visual elements in your presentation slides. Resize works with versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 of PowerPoint. Check out its free demo version.
  19. Participoll  |  Add polls to your powerpoint presentation and let your audience vote in real time. It’s a free add-on, but there are yearly, annual, and volume plans available. Works with PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 for PC only.
  20. HTML5Point  |  This clever app converts your PowerPoint deck to HTML5, allowing you to unleash your presentation to the worldwide web. Once converted, your interactive content can be accessed by tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices. HTML5Point works with PowerPoint 2003 and above. Download the free trial version to learn more. Powerpoint HTML5 Converter Add-On
  21. Tabs for PowerPoint  |  Switching between open PowerPoint documents can be frustrating especially when you want to get things done fast, easy, and efficiently. Tabs for PowerPoint creates a tabs bar for all the decks that you are working on at the same time, allowing for better document switching and management.
  22. ActivePrez 2  |  Ever needed to immediately show a slide but can’t because the slide is not the next or previous one in your presentation? This app creates a multi-level menu bar that allows you to instantly show a particular slide in your deck without needing to click through all the other slides that lead to it. ActivePrez costs $99.00 to download and should work for PowerPoint 2007 and up.
  23. Mind-O-Mapper  |  Mind-O-Mapper enables you to create great concept or process visualizations as you organize your thoughts, conduct brainstorming sessions, or draw up strategies and policies.  This app won the inaugural app development contest for Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2013. Mind-O-Mapper costs $2.99 to download and works on PowerPoint 2013. Mind-O-Mapper-Powerpoint-App
  24. Slideshark| This app converts your PowerPoint into a mobile-optimized format and allows you to show your presentation on your iPad and iPhone, on the web, or on a projector. Slideshark Team edition offers a 30 day free trial. Works with PowerPoint for iPad, and PowerPoint 2010 and above.
  25. MagPointer  |  This add-on enables you to zoom, highlight, laser point, enlarge or focus on any area of a PowerPoint slide at any time during a presentation. MagPointer comes with a 29.95 price tag and works with PowerPoint 2003 and up.
  26. vMaps  |   Get more than 3000 vector maps that you can use to enhance your presentations — from customizable world maps and country maps to colorful U.S. county maps. If you plan on using Powerpoint to launch your career, vMaps can definitely point you to the right direction.  You need to shell out a hefty $149 to get this add-on, which works with PowerPoint 2007 and up.vMaps Powerpoint World Countries Labels
  27. LiveWeb  |  This add-on allows you to insert web pages in your PowerPoint slides. It also updates those pages in real-time during a presentation. Get the app for free and use it with PowerPoint 2007 or later versions.
  28. Podium  |  According to its website, Podium is the foremost slide designer, manager, and organizer for PowerPoint. It comes with hundreds of high quality backgrounds, templates, clipart, and stock photos that allow even novices to build a stunning deck within 5 minutes! It works with PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 and comes with a $49.95 price tag.
  29. Opazity  |  This app adds appeal, focus, and impact to your PowerPoint presentations. Use Opazity to highlight key points, blur backgrounds or unwanted text, reveal content, and make a specific area on the slide stand out. You need to shell out $49.95 to get this app. It works with PowerPoint 2003 and above.
  30. STAMP (Subtitling Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint)  |  This app allows you to add closed captions to videos and audio files that you embed in your presentations, boosting your deck’s clarity as well as its impact on people with hearing issues. STAMP works with PowerPoint 2010 and can be downloaded for free.
  31. Circlify  |  Circlify simply gives your presentations that awesome hypnotic appeal. Mesmerize your audience with compelling circular imageries that will leave them in awe of your presentation skills. Grab the app for $49.95 and use it with PowerPoint 2007 and above.Circlify PowerPoint Add On
  32. Flevy Tools | Need to create compelling data visualizations to get your message across? Flevy Tools makes it easy to generate and showcase attention-grabbing diagrams, charts, and graphs in your presentations. Get the app for free via a limited time offer.
  33. PresentationDeck | Take your presentations to the next level with these premium PowerPoint templates. You can filter by category and price and they are available for download immediately after purchase. Templates work with PowerPoint 2007 and higher.

Use PowerPoint Add-ins to Give Your Slides that Extra Impact

Whether you like it or not, presentations will remain a major way of communicating products, brands, and ideas. In fact, an IDC study2 found that communication, integration and presentation skills are “overwhelmingly” in demand in today’s job market, as well as for careers with the highest growth and salary potential in 2020. That means being good at PowerPoint is a key to your future career success. Given the expected rise in competition for jobs, you also can’t afford to deliver lousy PowerPoint decks nor let your presentation skills become rusty. These add-ins (or “apps” as they are now called) can help take your presentation slides a step further, and your career a step closer to your professional goals.

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